Why online tutoring is the way to go?

Have you heard of 21st century learning? Well the invention of computers, the Internet and other electronic devices have changed the way students learn, and the way students are taught. One can argue this change has had a major impact on student motivation and engagement, where students can easily access content with a click of a button compared to traditional textbook learning. Whilst catering for the needs of all different learning abilities, education will never be the same.

Due to the current situation around the world, where COVID19 has impacted all schools, thanks to technology students have access to learning through an online platform. This has also changed the way students are being tutored. Tutoring has always given additional support to enrich students and improve their grades, while enabling students to adopt a self-paced learning. This has always been successfully accomplished in a one on one setting, however we now have the ability to receive tutoring entirely online and this possesses many benefits in our current fast paced lifestyle.

The numerous benefits consist of being able to choose your preferred tutor from around the world while not being restricted to your local tutoring institution. Thus, giving parents and students the flexibility to shop around.

Another advantage to online tutoring is that lessons can easily be recorded through the devices capabilities and easily be accessed when required by the students. This provides a unique learning experience because the student and the tutor don’t always have to be available at the same time. In addition to this, students that are not able to attend live sessions, can easily access the recordings, hence never missing out on their lessons.

Amongst many other benefits, tutoring through online platforms is always accessible anywhere, anytime.

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Amongst many other benefits, tutoring through online platforms is always accessible anywhere, anytime. Platforms such as Google Docs allow students and teachers to share documents instantly, create interactive lessons and receive feedback.

Both mediums of tutoring, online and face-to face deliver outstanding results, cater for students learning needs and provide students with opportunities to optimize their learning experience, depending on their preferred way of learning.

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