Struggling Students – How do we help?

It can be very frustrating and difficult for students who may be falling behind in school to keep up and try to understand all the work. Usually students who have gaps and holes in their foundations and in their learning building blocks will most likely struggle in school. To resolve this, students who struggle require differentiated learning tailored to the students’ needs and weaknesses.

In fact, it is necessary to act soon and implement early learning interventions to prevent further loss of learning or from failing marks. We conduct an initial assessment to identify potential gaps in their knowledge and then work on a personalized plan that meets the needs of each student. The tutor will tailor the right resources according to your child’s level and select a suitable pace to help them navigate school work with acquiring a proper understanding of the work content.

We will ensure your child picks up the learning pace, learns the necessary and relevant content and is up to the level they are meant to be. With our learning platform and highly qualified tutors we can help your child develop confidence and score better grades.

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