2021 NAPLAN Guide

Your Essential Guide for the NAPLAN

The NAPLAN is a standardised test that assesses the literacy and numeracy skills of Australian school students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. It is necessary for parents to understand what the NAPLAN is about, what it assesses, its style of questions, what are the learning outcomes and how it is different from regular school work.

Consequently, having a better understanding of the NAPLAN will greatly aid in assisting your child’s preparation for the exams. Statistics shows that when parents better understand the NAPLAN and are familiar with its requirements and learning outcomes, students tend to score better in their exams.

To read more, go ahead and download your guide to 2021 NAPLAN. 

What do you get from this E-Book?

  • Understanding the NAPLAN

    This guide will offer you a clear insight into the NAPLAN and equip you with necessary tools and information about the NAPLAN.

  • Key Dates

    You will know the relevant and key dates about the NAPLAN including its commencement date in 2021.

  • Exam Format

    You will learn the format of the exam and what the exam assesses in terms of literary and numeracy skills.

  • NAPLAN Online

    You will have information about how the NAPLAN is transitioning to online and what this means for students sitting the test.

  • NAPLAN Scores and Results

    We provide a section dedicated to breaking down the scores and results of NAPLAN to help parents interpret results correctly.

  • How to Prepare for the NAPLAN

    We provide the best strategies and tips to best prepare for NAPLAN and optimise your score ranking.

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Your 2021 NAPLAN Guide