Tracing Worksheets

Pre-School and Kindergarten Tracing Booklets

Did you know practicing tracing is a fundamental start to early childhood learning and can significantly improve your child’s learning in handwriting, letter recognition, sight words, reading, number and shape recognition and drawing? 

Doing lots of practice tracing activities will help your child in getting the right skills necessary for their learning age group. It is proven that tracing activities such as alphabet letters, words, numbers, shapes and dot-to-dot drawing, is one of the best and most effective ways to start learning alphabet letters, handwriting, reading, number and shape recognition and drawing. 

It is also shown that tracing activities is a fun way of keeping children engaged and focused at the same time!

If you want your child to improve in handwriting, reading, alphabet letter, number and shape recognition and to easily learn and be ahead of others in class, then check out our different tracing activities below.

The tracing booklets are all laminated. This means you can trace and redo the activity as many times as you like as it can be erased. All purchases will include a small whiteboard marker with an eraser to use.

Make learning easy and fun today by practicing different tracing booklets!