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Join our tutoring lessons with Our Giving Back 2021 offer 25% off

This term 4, as part of our Giving Back 2021 campaign, we’re offering a special promotion discount. If 3 people join tutoring, they will all receive a generous 25% discount each!! 

Note: The discount is for group tutoring classes.

Why Choose us?


Quality content

Excellent subject materials and course notes as part of our tutoring curriculum. We want to make sure our students get the best resources to have an edge over others.


Proven Results

Our tutoring model yields effective results. We follow a proper and systematic approach to your learning to ensure you get the best scores.


Expert Tutors

No need to worry when we have a team of dedicated, highly experienced and high achieving tutors and teachers that care about your education.


Support and Mentor

We don’t only tutor but we also provide support and mentoring to our students to keep them on top of their work, answer their questions, provide assistance and guidance on any area they need help.

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We cater for 1 on 1 tutoring and organise lessons according to the student’s individual needs and preferences. Lessons are flexible and customised to better suit students in their learning process.

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We provide tutoring service to anywhere in Australia that can access the internet. We provide both face to face and online tutoring.

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