Preliminary English Advanced - Year 11

Our Year 11 Preliminary English Advanced tutoring class covers the new HSC English syllabus, including all core modules: Reading to Write,  Narratives that Shape our World
 & Critical Study of Literature 

Our Preliminary English course helps students to better understand their prescribed texts, become good in analysis, excellent in essay writing and other writing skills to achieve a band 6 in Preliminary and HSC English Advanced.

Are you struggling with classwork at school and not happy with the grades you are getting?

No need to worry anymore, we have you covered with our comprehensive and detailed notes which are taught by expert tutors. Our tutors will make sure you properly understand the syllabus dot-point, topics and theory content before moving on. You will also have access to a database of over 50+ past papers with over 100 practice exam style questions so you can better prepare for your final Preliminary exam as well as the upcoming HSC exam.

Are you finding it difficult to motivate yourself and follow a good study program?

Our tutors are not only teaching you the subject content, but they are also mentoring you! Our team of tutors will provide you with excellent study tips, strategies, techniques and goal-setting checklists with the right study program suited to yourself.

Are you Interested in becoming more confident with your school subjects and improving your grades?

Our Preliminary tutoring course is specially designed to improve performance, boost marks and confidence. Unlike other tutoring places, we make sure you understand the content before moving on. The tutoring classes will not only set you in the right track but will also guide you throughout the Preliminary course  as well as the upcoming HSC to ensure maximum support and high grades.

Are you Looking for that amazing tutor and mentor to help you achieve top grades and excel at school?

Learn and study with expert tutors who actually care about your education. Our tutors adopt a friendly approach to build trust and cooperation with students to better understand their needs and carefully work with them to improve their skills, focus, confidence and success. 

Here’s how our Year 11 English Advanced classes work:


Classes will be 2 hours each week. The students will be taught each syllabus dot-point in detail to ensure proper understanding of the theory content, to build confidence and to develop problem-solving skills.


Students will receive excellent band 6 resources that comprehensively detail each syllabus dot-point, specially designed by our academic team. This includes both a theory book and a homework book filled with plenty of exam-style questions.


As part of our quality control check to track the progress of our students, topic tests are given at the end of each topic and an end of term exam is given to test all the topics covered in that term. All tests and exams will be marked with feedback.

Expert Tutors

Our tutors are either qualified teachers with years of real experience or high achieving students who scored a high band 6 in that subject.

Why choose us?

Unlike other tutoring places, we understand English is a skill that requires a set of sub-skills to be honed first in order to do well in the English exam. Instead of focusing all your time and effort on text specifics and skipping all the necessary skills that are actually needed for a high mark. We focus on those key skills that will enable you to be confident on any English exam.

We provide students with concise and extensive information for an in-depth understanding of your prescribed text. This will allow for better analysis, critical engagement and coherent writing of the text. They will also provide tips on what HSC English markers are looking for in an essay to make sure you have everything it takes to get a band 6. 

Our tutors will go through how to write a proper essay, looking at essay structures, deconstructing essays and comparing different essay quality from band 6 to average to poor. Students will then practice writing their essays along with the assistance of the tutor, after it is completed feedback will be provided

Students will be introduced and exposed to different creative writing formats that are featured in the English exams. This includes imaginative, persuasive, discursive and reflective writing skills to prepare you for the English exam. Tutors will help students craft amazing writing pieces. 

Course Layout

Term 1

(Jan - Apr)

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Term 2

(May - Jun)

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Term 3

(Jul - Oct)

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Term 4

(Oct - Dec)

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What our Students Receive

Theory Book

Designed by our academic team who are experts in their subject field. The theory book extensively covers the syllabus dot-points in detail, no need to make your own personal notes, we have that covered for you.

Student Workbook

Application of theory through homework and exam style questions. Full of exam style questions to practice and reinforce your knowledge of the content. This is an excellent way of enhancing your knowledge and writing skills throughout the course, best preparing you for the final exam. 

Homework assist

Regular practice and homework is essential to keep up to date with all the content work and it will further enhance students’ understanding, clarity, skills and confidence.


Practice, revise and evaluate your understanding of course content. Students will be asked syllabus relevant questions every week to ensure they are up to date, understanding the content and not falling behind. This will also allow our tutors to identify if students need extra help and any learning gaps.


Have access to a database of over 50+ past papers with over 100 practice exam style questions so you can better prepare for the final HSC exam.

Module Exams

Topic tests to assess your understanding of the topic and identify any gaps or areas of improvement under exam condition. Students will sit a topic test and module exam at the end of the module to test their knowledge and assess their strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvements. Tests will be done under exam conditions. 

The Approach

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Small Classes

Get better attention and focus from our small group classes. Receive regular feedback and ongoing support from tutors.
See improvements and better results.

High Achieving Tutors

Taught by individuals who are experts in the subject content, either qualified teachers with heaps of experience or high schieving students who have scored a high band 6.

A + grade Resources

In-depth and extensive coverage of the Preliminary English syllabus dot-points. Mastery level of understanding of the Preliminary English course. Plenty of practice questions and topic tests throughout the course.

2 Hour Lesson Breakdown

Structured for maximum learning impact



  • tests previously learned topics
  • helps track your weekly progress


  • learning the content
  • building foundations
  • closing gaps of knowledge
  • filling in holes of understanding


  • apply knowledge
  • reinforce content learnt
  • practice questions


  • revise and consolidate
  • cross-check your work

Our Year 11 English Advanced Course Pricing

2 hrs

per lesson

10 lessons

per term

Theory Content + Student Workbook

                      every term

Here's what you get